My involvement with the National Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee has given me a chance to connect with wonderful people around the firm who care about issues near and dear to my heart.  Equality for all people is a key value for me, and one the firm manifests in many ways.  From our history of purposeful hiring and promotion of women, to our ongoing support of and recognition by the Human Rights Campaign for our diversity efforts on behalf of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) employees in our workplace, Kutak Rock is a great place to work.

Equally important to me, Kutak Rock is an instigator of change.  Our attorneys and staff participate in Forum Groups that support inclusiveness and diversity efforts both internally and externally.  We work together to develop pipelines to legal careers for young people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to legal professionals.  We meet to discuss issues of import to our particular affinity groups.  We create engaging training and education programs and connect people to each other across the firm.  In other words, we, individually and together, take seriously our roles in making change.

- Courtney Koger, Chair
National Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee

Inclusion of attorneys and staff regardless of ability/disability status, economic background, ethnicity and race, gender and gender expression, religion, sexual orientation, and veteran status is a cornerstone of Kutak Rock’s culture. Our founders set the bar high when our doors opened 50 years ago. They purposefully sought out women and diverse attorneys, resulting in national recognition for five decades for our percentage of women attorneys and partners. Our experience consistently reaffirms that we best serve clients with diverse teams and diverse perspectives.

Creating an inclusive and diverse work environment requires more than periodic programs and initiatives. Our firmwide inclusiveness and diversity strategic plan includes goals to enhance recruiting, hiring, retention, promotion and inclusiveness generally.  I personally supervise our inclusiveness and diversity efforts, and the firm’s top two management committees review progress every month. Our unwavering focus on inclusiveness and diversity combines with individual efforts on the part of our attorneys and staff to make meaningful change in the firm and in our communities.

- David Jacobson, Chair
Kutak Rock LLP