Inclusiveness and Diversity

At Kutak Rock, we as individuals, teams and leaders know the power of diverse opinions and backgrounds to strengthen the solutions we provide to our clients.  As a result, we take individual responsibility for our firm’s longstanding commitment to equality, inclusiveness and diversity.  We foster and support an inclusive and diverse work environment with an express goal to build strong, diverse teams and to ensure every person at Kutak Rock has equal opportunity for work and leadership.  Our focus is external as well, with programs in offices across the country to encourage those who might not otherwise consider a legal career to do so.
Kutak Rock has led the way on inclusiveness and diversity since its doors opened.  A pioneer for recruiting women, Kutak Rock received early, national recognition for its number of women partners in the 70s and 80s.  Long before most other firms, Kutak Rock included sexual orientation and gender identity in its equal employment opportunity policy and, since 2000, has offered insurance benefits to domestic partners.  We have had a Director of Diversity and a National Inclusiveness and Diversity Committee for a decade, we continue to lead the field for women in leadership and women partners, and hundreds of lawyers and staff members support inclusiveness and diversity efforts in our Forum Groups.