Dane K. Fernandes

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Mr. Fernandes is the Chair of the Scottsdale and Spokane Public Finance Department. He has extensive experience acting as bond counsel, issuer’s counsel, company counsel and underwriter’s counsel, representing clients throughout the United States.

He has represented corporate and municipal bond issuers, governmental entities, nonprofit corporations, educational institutions (including universities and charter school operators), public and private for-profit corporations, investment banks, credit enhancers and real estate developers in the structuring and financing of charter school and other educational projects, traditional governmental projects, infrastructure and economic development projects, housing and health care projects, hotels, stadiums, airports, utility and other exempt facility projects, and manufacturing projects. Mr. Fernandes is former counsel to the Office of Finance of the Federal Home Loan Banks, and has developed a wealth of experience in structured debt and derivative transactions.

  • Bond Counsel for two multistate charter school bond financing programs.
  • Bond Counsel to the Greater Arizona Development Authority.
  • Assisted with drafting rules and legislation related to the implementation of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act financing programs as counsel to the State of Arizona and the Arizona Department of Commerce.