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We have a wide range of experience in consumer compliance, including both deposit and credit products as well as electronic fund transfers. Substantive areas covered include Truth in Lending and Regulation Z, Equal Credit Opportunity and Regulation B, Electronic Fund Transfers and Regulation E, Truth in Savings and Regulation DD, Expedited Funds Availability and Regulation CC, Fair Credit Reporting, Fair Debt Collection Practices, privacy, usury, state consumer protection requirements and federal preemption (including rate exportation), credit insurance and debt cancellation, and ESIGN requirements. Our firm’s attorneys continue to monitor new developments growing out of the Consumer Financial Protection Act of 2010 and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by the Dodd-Frank Act. Our practice addresses consumer issues in both traditional settings (branches, direct mail and telemarketing) as well as on the Internet. Typical projects include advising clients on regulatory requirements applicable to new products; preparing disclosures and consumer agreements for use in national markets; advising clients on ongoing compliance considerations (such as statement requirements, changes in terms and error resolution); helping clients address violations, consumer complaints and regulatory inquiries; and apprising clients of new regulatory developments.