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Kutak Rock actively represents domestic and foreign banks, savings institutions, insurance companies, financial guarantors, government-sponsored enterprises and other financial institutions in a wide variety of financial transactions. Our team has extensive experience representing clients as lenders and as providers of credit enhancement or liquidity support for publicly traded debt securities. These transactions often take the form of loans, lines of credit, letters of credit, financial guaranty insurance and standby bond purchase agreements. Our attorneys’ experience also extends to post-closing surveillance and remedial work.

As a result of the challenges recently facing the financial marketplace, we have seen a significant increase in the popularity of direct bond purchases and other forms of direct lending. We regularly serve as counsel to our clients as direct purchasers of tax‑exempt, taxable and tax credit bonds. Our attorneys have worked closely with a number of large commercial banks to help establish their direct bond purchase programs.

Over the past 25 years Kutak Rock attorneys have represented nearly all of the institutions playing a significant role in such markets in thousands of the types of transactions described above. This vast experience gives us an in-depth understanding of the unique issues faced by financial institutions when acting as lender, purchaser, credit enhancer or liquidity provider. Additionally, our experience and familiarity with our clients’ ongoing operational challenges allow us to help them identify and restructure existing financings to address potential future problems proactively.