Bank Loans

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Kutak Rock has been representing banks and other financial institutions in multiple capacities for more than 25 years. Our service has expanded to include the active representation of banks and other lenders in financing transactions where direct loans are being made to governmental issuers.

Due in part to the financial market disruption over the last few years, governmental issuers have been seeking direct borrowings rather than going to the bond market. Bank loans are attractive to both governmental borrowers and banks because of lower transaction costs, less documentation and the benefit of direct negotiation between borrower and lender—and banks are finding direct loans even more appealing in light of increased federal involvement in the banking industry.

With our long history of effective bank representation and our constant efforts to maintain a working awareness of ongoing changes in federal banking regulations (such as our monitoring of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act), we offer our banking clients practical and meaningful expertise when advising on lending to government borrowers. Additionally, our expertise in representing multiple types of governmental entities over many years provides us with a superior ability to guide governmental borrowers through the complexities of taxable and tax-exempt bank loans.

Our firm’s experience derived from more than four decades of practicing public finance law contributes directly to our understanding of the variety of loan structures seen by our banking team. Kutak Rock’s working knowledge of complex public finance structures enables us to render effective legal advice on the variety of bank loan structures to both the lender and the governmental borrower.