Directors' and Officers' Liability

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Our firm recognizes that one of the primary responsibilities of bank directors and officers is the reasonable assessment of risk to which the client organization is subject and the potential exposure to the client and its directors and officers should such assessment prove inaccurate. Accordingly, our attorneys have analyzed and counseled both public and private company boards of directors regarding assorted business, legal and regulatory risks facing the client and the fiduciary duties of directors and officers under applicable law. Our attorneys also have published guidance directed at bank directors and officers overseeing troubled and failing banks. In addition, we have extensive experience drafting indemnity and exculpatory provisions for both organizational documents and contracts and have reviewed director and officer insurance policies to evaluate possible exposures. We are constantly monitoring new statutes, including the Dodd-Frank Act and related implementing regulations, so as to advise directors, officers and key personnel on the evolving liability issues facing banking institutions.