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Kutak Rock has a team of attorneys who focus specifically on airports and airport-related issues by serving as bond counsel, disclosure counsel, special tax counsel, issuer’s counsel, swap counsel and underwriter’s counsel for airports throughout the nation. We provide advice on all manner of airport transactions that involve all types of airports, from the largest international hubbing airports to the smallest local municipal airports. Year after year we rank as one of the top airport counsel in the nation. We have a vast array of experience with different types of airport transactions and financing structures, including revenue bonds, general obligation revenue bonds, commercial paper notes, Passenger Facility Charge/Federal Grant bonds, special facilities bonds, rental car facilities bonds (Customer Facility Charges), interest rate swaps and tender/bond purchase programs. With this wealth of knowledge we are able to provide our clients with the industry’s most comprehensive assistance in structuring financings that meet their needs and draft the related bond indentures, disclosure documents, airline lease agreements and concession agreements.

We are continuously monitoring and advising our clients of the potential effects of current and future securities, tax and aviation laws and regulations on the operation of their airports. In this ever-changing legal landscape of securities, tax and aviation laws and regulations, we provide our clients with the comfort of knowing they have hired a firm with the ability to recognize potential opportunities and risks and the expertise to advise them how take advantage of such opportunities and/or avoid or mitigate such risks.